Karma and Living the Balanced Life

karma, monatomic gold

With so many negative actions being taken, Karma is, unfortunately coming back full circle not just those who have committed these acts, but to those who try to live a balanced and healthy life; which can make leading a good and happy life difficult. Please do not let this dampen your spirits or darken your thoughts, but view it as a positive challenge to you. View it as a rallying call to bring peace and well being not just to yourself, but to those around you; because it is when we lead a balanced life that true transcendence into the new human can be obtained. The steps that we can take to do this, however, may not be clear and that is okay, we are here to guide and assist you in whatever way we can.

Karma, as we know, is a living embodiment of the actions that we take which affects our day-to-day lives; and will come full circle to either reward or punish us based on not just our actions, but the actions of others as well. It is with positive actions that we may be able to combat the negative and restore balance to the universe in full; but what actions can we take to do this? One of the best ways to achieve this is through spiritual meditation. Meditation will assist in the cleansing of your inner self and restore peace to your turbulent soul, and assists in the reception of good Karma, as positive energy draws positivity to it. The peaceful meditation offers will also allow you to uncloud your thoughts and energies, allowing you to see better and think more positively. Keep in mind, however, that a balance must be maintained. Should you expect good, you should be willing to accept the bad as well, for how can we truly appreciate the light with no darkness?karma, balance

For those who are more proactive and wish to take action against the negativity that the universe is wrought with, some simple actions may be taken. Concentrate on creating positive energies through actions of your own which affect others; such as offering a shoulder to cry on when their lives become too difficult to bear, or assisting another in their time of need. These actions, however, do need to be made in moderation. Think of your positive energies as an electrical outlet on your wall. If it were to give your computer too much power, it would short circuit the power cell, give it too little and the computer won’t turn on. Karmic energies are similar in this regard, as we don’t wish to reward those who spread negativity – that would be counterproductive.

Should you have taken negative actions within your life, try not to become overly concerned about it. So long as the bad does not outweigh the good, Karma will take its course. We, as human beings, are not perfect and should not expect to be so; it is an end goal to strive towards, one that may be achieved on a personal level with time, patience and understanding of not just others, but yourself as well. Coming into your own spiritually is a positive experience, and one we recommend highly, as it brings peace and joy to you and those around you.

Another method is to strengthen your own mind and energies; you can do this through meditation as well, or through the consumption of natural supplements designed to enhance your psychic awareness and assist in the opening of your third eye. An example would be monatomic gold, a nutrient made from pure 24k gold, reduced to a nanoparticle size to assist in conductivity of bioelectricity. This will assist in the conversion of your own negativity into a more positive state of being – thus assisting you in generating healthier, happier energies to put out into the universe.

karma, monatomic gold There are, of course, many other paths that we can walk to achieve the goal of a balanced, happy and healthy life; far too many to list within a single post. So do not be afraid to explore new options, or to seek that which is otherwise elusive to you in a way that only you can; for learning is also a positive experience – one that you, and those around you can grow from. May your growth be positive, your mind open, and your soul serene.