How Can Someone Increase Their IQ With Supplements?

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If you’re feeling sluggish, uncreative, or unmotivated, it’s probably not your brain’s fault. The brain requires specific nutrients to run, and the more you of them you include in your diet, the better your brain (including your IQ) will work. They will also make it easier to engage with complex tasks and think through problems.

The way we quantify intelligence and gauge how well your brain can handle problem-solving is through intelligence quotient (IQ) tests. To improve your IQ, there are a number of nutrient-rich supplements you can take known as nootropics, and they have been known to boost your memory, creativity, alertness, and other general cognitive functions. The best ones are sourced naturally, but how do they work to increase a person’s IQ?

How Do Nootropic Supplements Increase IQ? 

Nootropics help your brain in several ways. The first is that they provide a clean energy source for the brain. While it’s a big organ, the brain is only 3% of your body weight, yet it consumes an disproportionate 20% of your body’s energy! This is because the brain’s neuron cells are always using the energy to repair, maintain, and support the crucial electrical and neurotransmitter functions, even while you sleep.

The second way is that they actually make your brain healthier. Natural nootropics in the system can increase the blood circulation to the brain, improving the oxygen flow while also providing the nutrients and increased energy. They also work to reduce inflammation, minimizing the effects of inflammatory responses on the aging of the brain. 

What Natural Supplements Can Help? 

One class of incredibly important nutrients to supplement is antioxidants. These include beta-carotene, flavonoids, selenium, and vitamin C, and they work by reducing inflammation and the damage of cells caused by “rogue” oxygen molecules called free radicals. The most apparent sign is skin damage, as free radicals are caused by ultraviolet radiation, but this advanced aging can affect the brain, too. Antioxidants provide a defense against these, and can help keep your brain in good condition. These are best sourced from plants, and you can find supplements in all varieties.

Another supplement that has been known to help as a nootropic is Monatomic Gold. Gold, when broken down to a molecular state, is a natural element known to act as a “superconductor” within the cells, allowing your body’s energy to flow better through all parts of the body. This is why Monatomic Gold is believed to help strengthen your aura, help you develop a keen insight, and provide the light energy necessary to help increase cognitive function.

Helping The Supplements Along

While taking supplemental nootropics, there are a number of lifestyle choices you can make to boost your brainpower. Meditating for as little as 20 minutes a day, for example, can help your brain with its cognitive processing. It has the added benefit of elevating your mood and lowering stress levels, too! This can be done in the traditional sense, with the lotus pose and complete silence, but slower forms of exercises like yoga can also help your brain. 

Another way to boost IQ is to get enough sleep. Research has shown that for every hour beneath the recommended eight hours of shut-eye, a full point is subtracted from your IQ. This can be a positive feedback loop – as your supplement helps your brain focus, you’ll find it easier to move past the negative emotions and stress keeping you up at night, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep!