How To Integrate Monatomic Elements Into Your Spring Health Cleanse

Many people use the springtime to start a health cleanse. It’s a season that brings a renewed energy, and many people see it as an opportunity for growth and change – especially for our health! 

A holistic spring cleanse can help people balance their hormones, revitalize their energy flow, release accumulated toxins, and get their metabolism in the best condition for the warmer months. Monatomic elements can help you with this spring cleanse – here’s how!

Know The Purpose Of Your Spring Health Cleanse

Integrating monatomic elements into your cleanse starts with understanding your body’s needs. Why are you going on a spring health cleanse? How do you want to improve your body? Different monatomic elements can have different effects on your body. 

The best general choice is Monatomic Gold; this option increases the conductivity of and communication between your body’s cells, turning them into superconductors. It’s an effect that improves the flow of light energy throughout the body!

Whether your goals are physical, mental, or spiritual, you’ll find a Monatomic element that will help you meet them! For instance, Monatomic M3 mixes three powerful elements – Rhodium, Iridium, and Gold – in ratios calibrated to have a profoundly balancing effect on the user’s physical, mental, and spiritual level. Monatomic Balance carefully mixes ten elements to help open all the Chakras at once.


Combine It With Your Detox

Detoxes are great for shedding concentrated toxins in the body and feeling a sense of renewal. Your diet during this detox should be rich in vitamins and nutrients while avoiding inflammatory options. Make sure to include lots of brightly coloured vegetables, leafy greens, fibre-rich foods, vitamin-packed berries, seeds with healthy fats, and fish. Avoid foods that cause inflammation, including sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, genetically-modified foods, and anything that could trigger sensitivities. 

The food and beverages you choose can support and refresh your body right at the cellular level. When combined with the known cell-enhancing powers of Monatomic elements like Gold, you’ll feel much more energy going into the warmer weather. Add other popular measures such as grounding and yoga to feel an unmatched wholeness and wellness.


Take Monatomic Elements Regularly

Monatomic elements are ideal because they are so easy to add to any diet. While these supplements are easy to add, it’s crucial to take your option regularly. As your body accepts and puts the elements to use, you will feel better over time. The dosage recommendation is ten drops to one full dropper per day; you won’t mind the taste or smell because there is no taste or smell! 

All Monatomic Orme products contain 250,000 parts per million (PPM) of monatomic powder suspended in ionized water. The monatomic powder is virtually weightless, meaning we need an inert filler to measure it and let your body use it. None of the elements conflict with dietary restrictions or medications.

Monatomic elements, when combined with other changes, can make your spring health cleanse very effective! Read through your options and understand how the different monatomic elements can help you reach your health and wellness goals.