How ORMUS Gold Stimulates DNA Correction

Monoatomic elements like Gold are also known as ORMEs or ORMUS. ORMUS is an interesting name because it means “Orbitally Rearranged Molecules of Unusual Size,” and their unusual size is what gives these elements many beneficial abilities. This is believed to include the stimulation of DNA correction, and by getting right into your cells, Monatomic Gold can make the right repairs!


ormus gold - monatomic orme

How ORMUS Gold Works To Correct DNA

The interesting thing about ORMUS molecules is that, when isolated, researchers have seen them behave in unconventional ways, even like they were moving consciously. Monatomic elements have been shown to performing such feats as levitation and teleportation, but the properties of consciousness are the most exhilarating. When researchers gave them a closer examination, the elements appeared to be seeking, expanding, and reaching toward the next level – a property that causes all life to grow upward.

These properties are how ORMUS Gold molecules work to rectify problems in the DNA. Researchers say that the cause of many degenerative disorders and general ageing has to do with accumulated damage to the DNA of the cell. Environmental, emotional, and spiritual stressors take their toll on DNA, and there aren’t many supplements small enough to correct them at that level. The damage also degrades the immune system, and this has been known to reduce one’s ability to ward off conditions related to a muted immune response. 

ORMUS Gold corrects DNA because it relaxes in the presence of the element. All our DNA carries the body’s genetic blueprint in double-helix strands coiled inside every cell. When a cell reproduces, the DNA strands first must uncoil so they can be copied accurately for the new cell. Whenever the body needs to repair a cellular defect, the DNA must unwind so repair enzymes can snip off the defective piece. If they can’t unwind due to damage, they can’t repair or replicate as they are supposed to.

In a relaxed state in the presence of ORMUS Gold, the DNA recombines into its proper form. David Hudson, the alchemist who discovered monatomic elements, lectured about ORMUS in this effect, saying that rather than correcting specific problems, ORMUS Gold “is here to perfect our bodies. It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in.” 


ormus gold respons to intent molecule - monatomic orme

ORMUS Gold Responds To Intent

The “conscious” attributes of monatomic elements respond to our consciousness, too! The intent of our use of Monatomic Gold is very important when dealing with these amazing molecules, as they respond and activate based on one’s intent. David Hudson emphasized how important it is that people not ingest ORMUS molecules to correct DNA. Instead, we ought to take it to “enlighten and raise the nature of man,” and make healing a byproduct of heightened consciousness. 

These elements amplify the conscious intent of the user because they are “conscious,” too. This is why ORMUS Gold is so important for overall spiritual and energy health: they can uncover and help you remove blockages that hinder the development of auras and emotional well-being.