How Do You Store The Ormus?

Monatomic elements, also known as ORMEs or the Ormus, are precious metals reduced to a singular molecular state. Because they are precious metals, they can’t be completely spoiled, but electromagnetic fields and extreme temperatures do reduce their effectiveness. While storing monatomic elements is easy, consumers have to keep them in the proper spot!

How We Package The Ormus 

How the monatomic elements impact your body comes from how they are diluted. All Monatomic Orme products are 99.99% pure metallic elements alchemically transmuted into their monatomic form. They are then mixed in purified, ionized water to proportions of one-quarter of monoatomic powder for every three-quarters purified water. The final supplement has a concentration of 250,000 parts of the monatomic element per million molecules of water.

This is quite a high concentration, but it’s how your cells get Ormus in amounts they can use. The liquid filler doesn’t inhibit the potency and positive effects of the element, unlike dry fillers that often contain materials that affect how well the supplement works. It keeps the elements, which have levitating qualities, safely confined in a way that your body can use them. But even in water, consumers often store the Ormus improperly, causing the elements to lose some of their wonderful properties.

Keeping The Ormus Safe

We ship the Ormus already in inert water, and the bottles we use to store and send it to you are made from materials that won’t leach into the liquid. However, light, temperature extremes, and electromagnetism can weaken the effects the elements will have on your body. To prevent that from happening, store them according to the following instructions:

  • Keep the Ormus away from sunlight. The glass we use does not allow UV rays to penetrate and damage the liquid, but direct sunlight could still heat the bottle.
  • Do not store your monatomic supplements in the refrigerator. Always keep them at room temperature in a dark cupboard.
  • Keep the bottle away from electromagnetic fields created by TVs, radios, electrical outlets, microwave ovens, smartphones, and computers. Given the ubiquity of electronics in our lives, it might sound difficult but try your best. The Ormus is very sensitive to magnetic fields, and if it sits too close to electronics, the superconductivity of the element could be affected.

It’s best to find a cupboard or box that you can use specifically for your elements. Again, it’s important to keep them away from sunlight, cold temperatures, and electromagnetic waves.

An extra tip for effective use is to shake the bottle before using the supplement, diffusing the monatomic element throughout the liquid. While extremely small, metal molecules are still heavier than the water molecules and can sink to the bottom of the bottle.