Can Your Third Eye Open By Itself?


The third eye is the connection between the body and the spirit. It’s something we are all born with, and when it opens, the inner guide becomes a stronger, more present force in your life. It may lead to perceptions of the other realms, giving you a sense of the cosmic consciousness and bringing forth wisdom and knowledge. But can this chakra open by itself?

It can, but the experience is not always a positive one. It’s one thing if you’re working on strengthening your third eye; it’s another to feel the effects without knowing what’s happening. Here’s how it feels when the third eye opens itself, and what you can do to control it.


You Can Feel The Third Eye Opening Physically In Your Mind

Your third eye is the chakra located in the middle of your forehead just above your eyebrows. When it starts to manifest itself on a deeper level, you might feel a sensation in this spot; it might feel like a very light, warm touch on your forehead. As the third eye opens further, this feeling might spread throughout the entire mind. If it continues uncontrolled, it can become very uncomfortable.


You Can See Colours In A Different Way

The third eye is known as an “eye” for a reason! When it activates by itself, all senses are modified in some way. Colours might appear brighter to you, and you might sense smells, feelings, and sounds that don’t exist. This surreal experience is typical of those whose third eye is opening by itself and in an uncontrolled manner.


You’ll Experience Weird Dreams

When the third eye opens by itself, it increases your perceptions. Your brain can “catch” visions and telepathic messages that come from the cosmic consciousness. The way these messages are most commonly received is in dreams, and your mind will be filled with strange images and emotions while you sleep. When this becomes too intense, the person experiencing this effect may get medication that helps them sleep, and this can force the third eye into a state of atrophy. If this isn’t what you want, you should start cultivating and controlling your third eye chakra instead of letting it control you.


How To Cultivate Your Third Eye When It Opensmonatomic-crystals-body-image

If the sensations of the third eye opening feel overwhelming, don’t worry – there are many ways to open this chakra more comfortably. If you feel the aforementioned effects and understand that the unintentional opening of your third eye is causing them, start by breathing slowly, channeling your gaze, and concentrating on your mind. Continue this until you visualize a small light in your mind; once you’ve reached this level of calm, you might enter a transcendental form of healing, with your concentration working at a highly effective level.

The best way is to balance all your chakras: meditating with crystals, practicing visualization techniques, and taking monatomic elements have all been known to help. Monatomic elements like Gold can help you manage the effects of your third eye opening by strengthening your aura and the energy flow between chakras.