Can Tiny Gold Particles Kill Bacteria?

Gold has always had a reputation for medical applications. It’s not a concept contained only to ancient alchemy – science has long known about the potential antibacterial effects of gold! Tiny pieces called nanoparticles are at the forefront of new solutions to complex health problems, showing just how powerful this element can be!


The Importance Of Gold In The History Of Medicine

Since the experts of Ancient Egypt, almost every civilization has tried using gold for different medical applications; gold was at the forefront of research made by alchemists like Isaac Newton. In our current times, doctors have been using gold and testing its effectiveness at diagnosing or treating cancer and other diseases. 

Gold is a chemically inert material; that is, it does not react or change when it comes into contact with an organism. Amongst the scientific community, nanoparticles are known for making tumors visible and for their applications in nanomedicine. But do gold particles have the ability to kill bacteria?


Can Tiny Gold Particles Kill Bacteria?

All evidence points to gold nanoparticles having unique abilities to kill bacteria. Researchers discovered that when gold comes into contact with bacteria, it deforms the invader, making it as if the cell wall had spontaneously exploded. The nanoparticles put force on the bacteria’s cell membrane through something called a “mechanical stretch”; once this membrane stretches too far, the bacteria deflates like a balloon.

Scientists have also found that gold nanoparticles are excellent absorbers of light. These conductive properties help the element reach temperatures hot enough to destroy a variety of nearby cells including bacterial cells and created a new type of gold disk-like nanoparticle with sponge-like pores that help to increase heating efficiency yet maintain stability.

These are just two of the ways researchers are looking into the effectiveness of gold nanoparticles in the body. Alchemists throughout history have found it to be effective in their research, too; now, we know how monatomic gold – a form smaller than nanoparticles – might help other wellness outcomes.


What Gold’s Particle-Killing Power Can Tell Us About Monatomics

These strategies show how gold, reduced alchemically into a monatomic state, can affect the body, mind, and spirit! Many users and researchers say that Monatomic Gold can help improve how signals are sent throughout the body because gold is a highly conductive material; Monatomic Gold, a form reduced to its atoms through alchemical processes, can get into the cells. 

It’s believed that gold can turn the body’s cells into small superconductors, allowing energy signals to move faster throughout the body. The enhanced movement of light and energy has been known to help people improve many physical and mental functions. It can also make it easier to reach certain spiritual goals, such as clairvoyance and stronger auras.