What Is Biotransformation And How Does It Relate To ORMUS?

Have you ever wondered how the body uses the many different nutrients that it needs to run? It’s a process called biotransformation, and it’s how our cells absorb and use monatomic elements to their fullest.

What Is Biotransformation?

Biotransformation is an important part of how our body handles certain elements. When you eat food, consume a supplement, or take a drug, the body changes the material using different processes; these changes can be positive, like when we get nutrients and amino acids, or negative, like when we consume toxins or harmful drugs.

The body changes the substance from one chemical to another, which is essential for our survival; our organs use the altered substances for healthy functioning. It’s also one of our body’s defence mechanisms, as the biotransformation process takes toxic substances and waste and converts them into less harmful substances and matter that can be excreted.

Much of this takes place at a cellular level. These tiny, complex machines respond very well to the state of the matter, not just what it is. For example, when ingesting water molecules that have a reduced surface tension, there is a reduction in the surface tension of our cell walls too. This allows a greater influx of oxygen, which displaces carbon dioxide trapped in the cells and increases the uptake of any nutrients.

So how does the body use biotransformation when you ingest monatomic supplements? It’s not a lot of work – the alchemical process takes care of reducing the metals to a singular state – but the results can be transformative.

How Does Biotransformation Relate To The ORMUS?

ORMUS molecules are superconductive and work within our bodies at a cellular level. This is important because the cells of our body communicate using chemical and electric signals that it sends through the nervous system and other processes. The body also works via the exchange of “photons” or light particles, a property we don’t often consider. The conductive properties of monatomic elements help improve these signals. 

Research has shown that the body uses biotransformation to take the tiny monatomic elements into the cells to coat the inner structure. This process enhances the DNA, allowing it to exchange photons and improve the exchange of light, chemical, and electrical energy. These effects impact our organs, muscles, and tissues of our brain and nervous system, turning them into superconductors through the increased flow of photons. It’s like transforming the synapses and neurons into gold-tipped wires!

Many different elements, from gold and silver to platinum and rhodium, have major impacts on the body. Because they are inert substances, you can ingest monatomic elements for general health and well-being. They won’t impact other nutrients or medications, and the results can be higher levels of energy, heightened foresight, increased mental abilities, improved sexual stamina, and more!