How Monatomic Elements Can Help Protect You From The Coronavirus

It’s easy to panic during a pandemic, but calmly preparing yourself is the best way to handle an event like the worldwide spread of coronavirus. It’s more than just stocking up on soup and toilet paper, though – you should protect your body, inside and out!

One good addition to your “armour” is a Monatomic element supplement. It can be used to complement other efforts that strengthen your mind and immune system. ORMEs are known to boost your immune system and energy levels to help your body fight off viral invaders. They won’t counteract any other medications or supplements you’re taking, either!

Boosting The Immune System

An enhanced immune system is one of the advantages of ORMUS consumption, as it will help your body overcome viruses. Monatomic supplements are known to be efficient in aiding the body’s fight against many different illnesses, helping you stay free of sicknesses in the longer run. Elements like Monatomic Silver are known to enhance the immune system and help the body fight off infections from foreign agents.

While Silver is the best known immune booster, a combination of The Infinite Immune Package includes the right combination of elements to keep your physical body in tip-top shape. It unites increased immunity from Monatomic Silver silver; increased bone marrow, red blood cell, and semen production from Monatomic Gold; increased muscle and tissue strength from Monatomic Osmium; and the increased uptake of nutrients from Monatomic Indium.


Boosting Energy

Monatomic elements are special in that they act as superconductors at room temperature. They show many characteristics of energy production and can receive, save, and release light and energy without losing it. The cellular structure at the smallest level becomes superconductive, improving how your body shares energy. With cell function and energy sharing running at their peak, you’ll be better able to handle illnesses.

When you ingest an ORME, the tiny molecules can work at a cellular level. Researchers and alchemists say that they repair and coat the cell’s DNA, turning it into an upgraded form of itself. As you regularly ingest these supplements, energy flow increases over time. You’ll also find your aura and spiritual energy becomes enhanced, strengthening your positivity and emotional well-being! It might sound light compared to what the coronavirus can do to the body, but strong positive energy can help you better handle the stress of being sick.


Other Ways To Prevent The Coronavirus

The boost to your immunity and energy levels that Monatomic elements are known to provide can help your body during a coronavirus outbreak. Don’t forget to follow other guidelines to keep yourself from getting sick. 

  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face 
  • Sneeze and cough into tissues or your elbow. 
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick, especially those with symptoms of respiratory illness and fever
  • Regularly clean surfaces

While the known effects of Monatomic elements can enhance how your body prevents and deals with illnesses, the previous points are the best way to prevent spreading the coronavirus during an outbreak!